Northwoods Music News

Big changes here at Northwoods Music News..due to a number of factors, including the decline in page visitations, the change to personal devices rather than computers, and the steadily increasing number of members and guests on our Facebook page, as well as changes at the server level requiring new, different, and costly editing tools, we have decided to drop the website and concentrate on the Facebook version of our effort to promote live music.  If you are not a Facebook user and still want to get the list of weekend acts..just send me an email and I will add you to our email list for updates.  If you are a band, venue, or fan and haven't yet joined the Facebook page, do so now.  You will be able to post your gigs and available bands as well as get the list of upcoming gigs every Thursday.  Thanks to all of you for your support, and remember to continue to support live music.

email me at or message me on Facebook with any questions or comments.